Useful External Links and Resources

  • Angelo Farina's Home Page provides valuable content, including publications and software, relating to auralization. The research published here has guided the methods used to obtain a large amount of the impulse response data on this website.
  • The impulse response data for Maes Howe, Hamilton Mausoleum, St. Andrew's Church and York Minster have previously been published on the Space-net website and are a result work described in the following:
    • D. T. Murphy, "Multi-channel Impulse Response Measurement, Analysis and Rendering in Archaeological Acoustics", 119th AES Convention, Paper No. 6532, New York, USA, Oct 7-10, 2005. Available Here.
    • D. T Murphy, "Spatial Audio Measurement, Modeling and Composition," Leonardo, Vol. 39, No.5, Pages 464-466, 2006.
    • D.T Murphy, "Archaeological Acoustic Space measurement for convolution reverberation and auralization applications", Proc. of the 9th Int. Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFX’06), Montreal, Canada, September 18-20, 2006. Available online Here.
  • The following are a selection of other websites that also contain impulse response data that can be freely downloaded:
  • The Visual Virtual Microphone is free software that is useful for post-processing B-Format signals to simulate a range of microphone characteristics.
  • OpenAir Systems Music / OpenAirNode WAA Demo . Used courtesy of Tero Parviainen - see his excellent
    blog at JavaScript Systems Music