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Title Post date RT60 Audition Photographs and Diagrams
Dromagorteen stone circle (Early/Middle Bronze Age: 2000 to 1150 BCE) has 13 stones, one is a...
08/06/16 1.36 s
View from recumbent stone, over internal dolmen, towards portal
The recumbent stone (stone 1)
These impulse responses were recorded in a tennis court with no roof. The court is designed for...
15/08/11 5.48 s
St Patrick's Church in Patrington dates back to the medieval era and expresses the decorated...
22/08/13 1.86 s
York Minster is the largest medieval gothic cathedral in the UK and one of the finest in Europe,...
26/10/10 7.71 s
30/04/16 2.94 s
Church San Nicola is located in the archaeological park Apigliano.
30/06/15 0.97 s