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Title Post date RT60 Audition Photographs and Diagrams
30/04/16 2.94 s
Are irregular tanks located in a rocky terrain. They are located in the archaeological park...
30/06/15 0.18 s
Impulse responses recorded in a semi enclosed courtyard in Alcuin College on the University of York...
24/02/14 1.83 s
Birdeseye view of the site, indicating source and receiver positons
View of source position S1 from receiver S1R1
WNIU Studio, basic construction with no acoustic treatment, bare concrete floor. Balloon break, 3...
19/05/14 -
Impulse response created from a Slinky toy being plucked. Audio was recorded using an attached...
20/05/16 2.40 s Slinky Spring
These Impulse Responses were recorded in a disused mine found near Trollers Gill called Gill Heads...
03/10/13 0.71 s