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Title Post date RT60 Audition Photographs and Diagrams
Situated behind the Mansion House, the Guildhall was constructed in the 15th century as a meeting...
28/02/17 0.93 s
The measurement was carried out in the portico of the square.
30/06/15 1.32 s
Church San Lorenzo is located in the archaeological park Apigliano.
30/06/15 4.20 s
This impulse response was made with a 4 sec sinesweep playing in the middle of the altar of the...
16/06/15 1.60 s Sint-Laurentius kerk Molenbeek-Wersbeek Bekkevoort Belgium
These Impulse Responses were measured in the partitioned typing room inside the Terry's...
15/08/11 2.80 s
Construction on the Hamilton Mausoleum, Hamilton, Scotland, built for the 10th Duke of Hamilton,...
26/10/10 9.23 s