Errol Brickworks, Errol, Perth and Kinross


Errol Brickworks situated on the outskirts of Errol Village, Perth and Kinross is now a Mackies potato crisps factory but two kilns remain. The works dates to 1870 and remained active until the mid nineties. The structure of the kilns looked like large brick built yurts, with the external walls below the dome strapped in metal casing. The internal dimensions are 6.5m to the height of the dome form the centre of the floor by 5.8m in diameter. Mackies staff allowed access to one of the kilns on the day of our visit. Two techniques were employed, a sine sweep recording using Apple's Impulse Response Utility software and a balloon pop recorded using a portable Alesis Palmtrack. Initially the reverberation characteristic appeared to be unremarkable having very little decay time, however upon wondering around inside the kiln a pronounced pre-delay was evident. Whilst standing close to the opposite wall from the entrance noise made by Paul near the entrance appeared to reverberate around the outside wall creating an effect similar to the whispering gallery found in the dome of St Paul's Cathedral in London, all be it more subtle.
Measurement Team: 
Dr Paul Oliver
Nick Green
Capture Date: 
Wed, 08/04/2015
Source Sound: 
Balloon pop and 20Hz - 20KHz sine sweep
Source Sound Category: 
Balloon Pop
Balloon pop and sine sweep
MM1 omni-directional reference microphones
Alesis Palmtrack internal microphones
Space Category: 
Generation Type: 
Real World


Demonstration Impulse Response: 


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Acoustic Parameters

Octave Band
31.25 Hz62.5 Hz125 Hz250 Hz500 Hz1 kHz2 kHz4 kHz8 kHz16 kHz

Reverberation Time RT60 T30 (seconds)

Early Decay Time EDT (seconds)

Definition D50

Clarity C50 (dB)

Clarity C80 (dB)

Example Audio

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Impulse Responses

Stereo (Stereo Files)

Sample Rate: 48 kHz
Number of Channels: 2
Bits per Sample: 24
Duration: 0.5 s
File Size: 141.54 KB
File Format: wav
Source Sound: Balloon pop
Microphone: Alesis Palmtrack portable stereo PCM recorder
Source Location: 1 third in from rear wall
Microphone Location: 1 third in from entrance
Source Receiver Distance (m): 2 m
Source Height: 1.5 m
Receiver Height: 1.5 m
Temperature: 14 °C


Photographs and Diagrams: 
Errol Brickworks, domed kiln
Errol Brickworks, domed kiln
Interior of domed kiln stereographic view


Inchcoonans brickworks
Perth, PKN
United Kingdom
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Attribute this work to:
Dr Paul Oliver and Nick Green