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Note that only a selection of anechoic sounds are presented here for each data set. To further explore the content for a specific set of anechoic data and to download the full set of anechoic sound files, click on its title.

Title Post date Audition
Romantic Clarinet in Bb [i.e. written C sounds as concert pitch Bb] Tuning origin A=438Hz...
Classical Clarinet in C [i.e. written C sounds as concert pitch Bb] note: tuning origin A=430Hz...
Copy of Rose English Consort Bass c.1600 by Robert Eyland Bow: Modern copy with clip in frog
Copy of a Henry Jaye viol c.1660 by Normen Myall, London
Modern Viola Viola dates from ca. 1741 Tuning origin A=440 Hz
Copy after JC Denner (1655 - 1707)by Matthew Dart, London 5 Keys A=415