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Note that only a selection of anechoic sounds are presented here for each data set. To further explore the content for a specific set of anechoic data and to download the full set of anechoic sound files, click on its title.

Title Post date Audition
Pocket cornet (also known as the Preacher's Cornet) Made by A. Turtle Manchester 1912
A selection of bicycle horn sounds.
Classical Clarinet in C [i.e. written C sounds as concert pitch Bb] note: tuning origin A=430Hz...
An operatic voice recorded in an anechoic chamber
Original natural baroque trumpet (no valves) made by kohler, London 1780 - 1790. Played at Drury...
Treble Viol made in 1978 Prunier and Kraft, Paris Bow: copy by Roger Doe